Photography – My New Passion

That is right…photography. This is my new passion and I’ve been learning a lot about it. Camera setting, editing, and publishing you name it! Why, because in this digital world, it’s great to be able to write about electrical products and gadgets, and a huge sphere that falls into that is cameras and therefore being able to take photographs will help.

For a lot of initial encouragement, David has helped with this. His passion is truly alive in photography and he is the go to wedding photographer for all of my friends.

Await more photography related content and camera/tech reviews to keep the ‘electrical’ part alive!

Packing Materials When Moving Home

You’ve decided that you’ll be packing your precious possessions yourself. So where do you start? Well, for a start you’re going to need boxes and whatnot to transport your items from your old home to your new one. So what will you need?


Several different sizes of boxes for a start. Make sure that they are still easy for you to handle without doing yourself an injury. Rule of thumb: If you can run with it while trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse then it’ll probably be safe enough to carry without putting your spine out.


Next, you’ll need packing materials: packing tape, bubble wrap packing paper…


There are several options available to you. The DIY, recycling “green” option. Your local supermarket and off license may end up being a treasure trove for previously used boxes. Speak to the customer service agents or store managers. Even your local corner store may be an excellent source of free or near free boxes. Bottle Store boxes are particularly handy for moving fragile items, since a lot of them already contain a variety of packing materials and are reasonably strong to accommodate booze bottles which are considered fragile. Choose boxes that are in excellent condition, that have not gotten wet or mouldy.


Start collecting your daily local and national newspapers for your packing paper. It may even be wise to ask your neighbours for their old newspapers. Scrunching up sheets of newspaper works wonderfully well as batting to protect your items in their temporary home in the box. It is also a bit more fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly.


Your next option is to order what the cool kids call “packing kits” online. Companies generally offer several packages based on your needs, that contain a variety of sizes in terms of boxes, packing materials and other assorted bits and bobs you didn’t even know you needed. What is nice about it is that often you can build your own kit. The delivery times are fast (always a bonus when getting ready to move) and generally reliable. It is a no muss, no fuss option.


You have the option of bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspaper offcut reams, foam rolls, void fills, box sealing tape, corrugated paper rolls and bubble furniture covers to protect your furniture from the moving process. It’s a good way to avoid scuff marks and some protection to the fabric.


All that remains is for you to make the choice, or even combining the two options in a way that will work best for you.


Now that you’ve got everything ready to be packed up, consider opting for a cheap man and van service to save on house moving costs.



Viking 36” Induction Cooktop Review

This is my induction cooktop review of the Viking 36” Cooktop and I learn exactly why induction cooktops have very swiftly become the go to for almost every aspiring chef, food and family cooks. Cooking via an induction cooker is by far the easier and safer way to make all the lovely food you know and love. For additional advice on these types of cookers and all other kitchen appliances, speak with the team at phoenix appliance repair.

Appliance Repairs – What To Do

Where do you turn to when appliances need repaired? I unfortunately encountered this recently with a fridge that I have bought only a couple of years ago. The fridge actually only came with a one year warranty, so I was left wondering what to do. Luckily, I found these guys APPLIANCE REPAIR SCOTTSDALE who did a fantastic job at what I thought a really fair price. I’ve had no issues since and that has been 4 months since they repaired my electrical appliance.

14 Best Vacuum Cleaners You Can Buy

This is our vacuum cleaner round up. Our expert review team which consists of a husband and wife team put each of the vacuum cleaners through their tests. Reviewing all types of vacuum cleaners from bag less, bagged, upright and cordless – we really have covered them all! Additionally, we have included a variety of brands and price brackets to suit most people’s needs. We’ve even included where you can buy them, get them serviced and repaired – the full works.