14 Best Vacuum Cleaners You Can Buy

By | May 29, 2016

A good vacuum cleaner can make what is normally a boring and arduous task somewhat more bearable. Our Best Vacuum Cleaner round up has all vacuum types covered – bag less, bagged, cordless, upright and cylinder vacuums.

We have reviewed several brands which include the likes of Shark, Miele, Vax and Dyson. All the models reviewed in our round up have been fully tested by our husband and wife team.

For each vacuum, the round up includes short summaries of the team’s full reviews, however, you can read them to see further details and lots of before and after photos from each appliance.

What is the best type of vacuum cleaner?

There are really two main choices that need to made first off. That is selecting between a bagged model or a bag less model. Next, what do you need, an upright or a cylinder vacuum?

Another consideration is if the vacuum cleaner has been cordless or not. Cordless vacuums are the latest in trend features at the moment. However, although they may been easier to move around without having to worry about the cable, they do tend to be less powerful than corded vacuums.

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