Viking 36” Induction Cooktop Review

By | October 28, 2016

Viking Induction Cooktop Review

The Viking Induction Cooktop works by using some cool science – induction. The induction heats your pots and pans without the concern of connecting gas or electrical stoves and tops. Due to there being no heat or flame coming directly from the cooker, the risk of fires and burns are significantly reduced.

When a section of the cooktop is active, it is only the pots and pans and certain materials that you place upon it that will heat up when placed on the activated section, therefore meaning that they are much less likely to melt other plastics and so on that get too close to the heat.

A common question about pots and pans

Will I need new pots and pans is the question. Now, another great thing about induction cookers is that most everyday cookware companies have products that will work with an induction cooktop such as this very one I am reviewing. So, you may well need to upgrade your pots and pans however, it is best to double check them firstly. In order to test your cookware to see if it is good for induction cookers, simply find a refrigerator magnet and see if it attaches to the bottom of the pot. If it does then you are in luck – the pot will work with the induction cookers. In the case where by it does not attach to the bottom of the pot, then yes you will most likely be required to purchase a new induction ready pot.

viking cooktop led lights

viking cooktop led lights

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